Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare


Usage of computer vision to identify certain medical conditions by analysing medical scans to identify varieties of conditions that may arise with the use of extensive datasets and object classification algorithms.

Healthcare Bots

Medical care applications can be further automated with the use of bots (autonomous program that interacts with systems or users). They can be used for assisting patients in scheduling appointments, provide help navigating through an online healthcare platform and a more deep AI approach would be having chatbots that would carry a text-based conversation with the patient to provide clinical guidance for certain symptoms which is aided by natural language processing.

Personal Life Coach

Tracking your fitness journey and making intelligent decisions based on that data is another sector where AI comes into play. With the use of this technology, visits to the physician can be majorly reduced as recommendations that are given by the application will be equal to the advice given by a physician.

Precision Medicine

Creating medicine that is customized to a patient’s health condition with the use of AI is another emerging approach in AI in healthcare. This ensures that the prescription given to a patient is based on their unique genetics, environmental and behavioural conditions taken into account. Only a machine has the ability to process so much information regarding one person and all the necessary data specified to a person to predict a medicine for a stated condition.



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Tharidhi Perera

Tharidhi Perera

Undergraduate student at University of Westminster studying Software Engineering who seeks topics of interest and writes about them.